Expectations of Library Behavior

We hope you enjoy your visit here. In order to ensure a pleasant and safe experience for all on Brownell Library premises, we have established the following expectations:

    1. Show mutual respect for everyone. Use appropriate language and behavior.
    2. Allow others to use the library in peace. Disruptive, harassing or threatening behavior is not allowed.
    3. Treat all library property with care.
    4. Place personal belongings in a manner that does not interfere with staff or patron use of the library. Leaving personal belongings unattended is at one’s own risk.
    5. Children age 8 years and younger must be appropriately supervised by a responsible adult or teen.
    6. Service animals are welcome. Other animals are not allowed, except for approved library programs.
    7. No smoking or use of electronic cigarettes in the library.
    8. Food is allowed unless otherwise posted. Avoid food contact with library materials, furnishings and computers.
    9. Shirt and shoes required.
    10. Use of sports equipment is not allowed, except for approved library programs
    11. Use electronic equipment at a volume that does not disturb others – this includes cell phones, pagers, computer equipment, etc
    12. We do not allow solicitations, petitions or canvassing in the library or on library premises, without the authorization of the Library Director.
    13. Abide by federal, state and local laws and ordinances.

Library policies and guidelines must be followed and failure to comply with the reasonable direction of library staff could result in being asked to leave the premises.