Email to Print

Use this form to submit a file for printing. We can only accept PDF items at this time. Please note that printing is only available during library open hours as time allows. Our goal is for same day printing, but if it arrives late in the day it may not be ready until the following business day. Please submit a form for each item to be printed. You will receive a call or email when your prints are ready for pick up. They will be available for a week after being called. 

The first 10 black and white pages per day are free, and 10 cents per page for additional prints beyond that. The first 5 color prints per day are free, and 50 cents per page for additional prints beyond that. Donations for prints are happily accepted in the book drop.

Prints must adhere to our Technology Policy

A PDF is a file format that provides an electronic image of text or text and graphics that looks like a printed document and can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted. Most word processing programs such as Microsoft Word also have the option to save a file as a PDF. If you do not have a PDF maker there are free programs available. CutePDF Writer is one that is widely used. Once this is installed proceed to print your document and select the PDF printer (CutePDF Printer for example) which will save it as a PDF. This is the file you will send and it will print as shown as it is basically an image.

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