Brownell Library Foundation, Inc.

We believe the Brownell Library is one of the very best libraries in the state of Vermont. As the Foundation, we enjoy working with patrons and donors to continue and ensure the Brownell’s future success. We are a group of dedicated patrons who oversee donations and gifts to the Library and provide financial support in a variety of ways.

The Brownell Library Foundation started in 1995. Our first and biggest project was to raise the capital necessary for the renovation of the Library. This enormous effort was completed in 2000 and featured an expanded and relocated children’s room and the creation of the Kolvoord Community Room.

In recent years, the Foundation has provided funding to the Library for many needs. The Foundation administers the popular Frances Frost Memorial Fund, which donates children’s books to the library in the name of a former teacher. We underwrite the purchase of significant additions to the library, such as the new emergency alarm system. We work with patrons who wish to make special gifts to the library—be they gifts of stock, large cash donations, or bequests of homes, deeds, or other financial items. We also work with donors’ family members, who give gifts in their loved ones’ names to ensure the continuity of their generous legacy to the Library.

For more information, contact the Foundation Chair at the email address below.

Linda Hasan Chair
Brownell Library Foundation

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