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Mothers day brunch.jpg
Mother's day brunch take-out, gifted by the daughter of the person who contributed this photo- french toast and fruit in a plastic container- from Jules on the Green in Essex, Vermont

Stars and Stripes Sunset.jpeg
Beautiful sunset with patriotic stripes of red visible through trees along Essex Way bike trail

Closed Park and Dog.jpeg
A leashed dog standing near a red sign announcing: "ATTENTION This park amenity is CLOSED until further notice. Use when closed is considered trespassing and will be referred to the police. Thank you for your cooperation" and includes the logos for…

Chalk Balloons on Bike Trail.jpeg
Chalk art on Essex Way bike trail depicting heart shaped and round balloons

Essex transfer station sign.jpg
Williston is the only local "dump" open right now. Essex residents wanting to discard yard waste were instructed to go to Green Mountain Compost. But CCSWD has realized they need to open Essex transfer station on weekends during this time. That's…

ADL school sign.jpg
Essex Junction's Albert D. Lawton school (grades 6-8) message board reading:

Dining table repurposed as mask making station.JPG
Dining table repurposed as mask-making workshop for the Chittenden Mask Army created by Essex Junction resident Annie Cooper., featuring sewing machine, scissors and supplies, and masks

Zahrah and Clover.jpg
Student Zahrah works outside on laptop with her Budgie parakeet Clover in birdcage next to her so that both can soak up some sun

Checkout at Grocery Store, Masks and Shields.jpg
Customers and employees of grocery store at checkout counters wearing masks and facial shields

Imperial Soldier.jpg
child wearing Star Wars Imperial storm trooper mask as facial covering while shopping at Hannaford grocery store
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