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Crosswalk painting.jpeg
masked Essex Junction Public Works employees Mike and Trevor painting crosswalk

Trevor in EJPW garage.jpeg
Essex Junction Public Works employee Trevor wearing a mask as he paints tires in the EJPW garage

Super Sucker 5000.jpg
EJPW employees Troy and Ron wearing masks as they operate the Super Sucker 5000

Mike masked up.JPG
Mike, employee of Essex Junction Public Works, wearing a mask as he climbs onto a public works truck

Jamie cleaning.JPG
Jamie, an employee of Essex Junction Public Works, sanitizing a table in the EJPW office with Clorox disinfecting spray and wearing a mask

Checkout at Grocery Store, Masks and Shields.jpg
Customers and employees of grocery store at checkout counters wearing masks and facial shields

Guidance from the Space Monitor.jpg
An employee at Hannford grocery store wearing a bright yellow vest that reads: "please maintain a 6 foot distance from others" tells people to stand on the red floor dots that read: "please wait here practice social distancing" until a space opens…
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