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Wright driveway message.jpg
Frank Lloyd Wright quote written in chalk on driveway reads: "Study Nature, Love Nature, Stay close to Nature. It will never fail you. ~Frank Lloyd Wright"

Stay strong sidewalk art.jpg
sidewalk art with the bold and colorful messages: 'YOU CAN DO IT' and 'STAY STRONG' on Maple Street in Essex Junction

World strong driveway art.jpg
driveway art on Rivendell Drive in Essex Junction featuring a picture of a globe and the message: "WORLD STRONG"

Chalk Balloons on Bike Trail.jpeg
Chalk art on Essex Way bike trail depicting heart shaped and round balloons

Vermont strong.jpg
Chalk message reading: "VERMONT STRONG" with hearts on a driveway on either side of a sidewalk

Driveway art.jpg
Sidewalk chalk art comprised of colorful triangles that looks a bit like stained glass beautifying a driveway

Sidewalk Chalk Essex Connector Path.jpg
Inspirational message reading: "Tis in times of distress when opportunities abound" written in chalk on paved walking path between neighborhoods in Essex; hopscotch symbols visible behind it

Sidewalk Chalk Drury Drive.jpg
Sidewalk Chalk message on Drury Drive in Essex Junction that reads "LOVE U..."
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