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Closed Basketball Court.jpg
A red sign announcing: "ATTENTION This park amenity is CLOSED until further notice. Use when closed is considered trespassing and will be referred to the police. Thank you for your cooperation" and includes the logos for the Essex and Essex Junction…

Early Garden.jpg
Flowers in window boxes perched on top of a rock wall

Essex Experience Giraffe TRex Shark.JPG
People in inflatable costumes (Jenny Rooke starring as "CoronasaurusRex" joined by Jen and Margarita in giraffe and shark costumes) dancing in the parking lot of Essex Experience, the shopping plaza located in Essex. They danced for 3 hours as a part…

View of Mt. Mansfield from walking path.jpg
photo taken from winding walking path in Essex, with a snow-capped Mount Mansfield visible in the distance

Red Buds, Blue Sky.jpg
one of the beautiful trees of Essex, with red buds forming on a clear day with bright blue sky

Colt's Foot Flowers.jpg
Coltsfoot flowers blooming amidst the decaying foliage

Trash and flowers.JPG
Discarded blue latex gloves near blue budding flowers

New rules at the grocery store.jpg
People waiting to check out at Hannaford grocery store with signs telling them where to wait, encouraging them to practice social distancing and announcing hours for seniors and people with compromised immune systems.

Guidance from the Space Monitor.jpg
An employee at Hannford grocery store wearing a bright yellow vest that reads: "please maintain a 6 foot distance from others" tells people to stand on the red floor dots that read: "please wait here practice social distancing" until a space opens…

No luck in the toilet paper aisle.jpg
Empty shelves in toilet paper aisle at Hannaford grocery store
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