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masked snowman.jpg
snowman wearing mask and rubber gloves, as well as the more typical hat and scarf, on Vale Dr. in Essex Junction

mask making.jpg
fabric and sewing materials for mask making in a person's home

tower of toilet paper packs in someone's home

Hannaford limit of 2.jpg
A sign at Hannaford supermarket in Essex Junction near the fluff and peanut butter that indicates that "There is a daily purchaser limit on this item of 2 per customer"

Class of 2020.jpg
Blown up portraits of Essex High School Class of 2020 cover the village office lawn in Essex Junction. Under each portrait are the words "Essex Hornets Class of 2020"

Rockys window service only.jpg
Rockys offers curbside service. Sign encourages patrons to support local restaurants and advertises order takeout, delivery and gift cards

Hannaford limits.jpg
Daily limits on amounts of certain items people can purchase at Hannaford supermarket in Essex Junction to prevent hoarding. Flour is limited to 1 per person. Eggs, baby wipes, aloe, rubbing alcohol, liquid handsoap, pain relievers, cough & cold,…

Hannaford follow the path.jpg
Signs directing people where to go and where to stand at Hannaford supermarket in Essex Junction

Rockys pizza no place to sit.jpg
Seating turned upside down at Rocky's NY Pizza & Ice Cream in Essex Junction in order to encourage people to maintain social distance

Wright driveway message.jpg
Frank Lloyd Wright quote written in chalk on driveway reads: "Study Nature, Love Nature, Stay close to Nature. It will never fail you. ~Frank Lloyd Wright"
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