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Hannaford limit of 2.jpg
A sign at Hannaford supermarket in Essex Junction near the fluff and peanut butter that indicates that "There is a daily purchaser limit on this item of 2 per customer"

tower of toilet paper packs in someone's home

mask making.jpg
fabric and sewing materials for mask making in a person's home

masked snowman.jpg
snowman wearing mask and rubber gloves, as well as the more typical hat and scarf, on Vale Dr. in Essex Junction

good book and toddy.jpg
pile of books and a mug with alcohol being poured into it

Emergency TP.jpg
pile of rags to be used in case there is no toilet paper available

Mothers day brunch.jpg
Mother's day brunch take-out, gifted by the daughter of the person who contributed this photo- french toast and fruit in a plastic container- from Jules on the Green in Essex, Vermont

Kinney mask requirement.jpg
flyer at Kinney Drugs reads: "Due to several state and local executive orders, and for the safety of all of our patients: Face Masks are required to be worn before entering Kinney Drugs. If you do not have a mask, please take advantage of our driveā€¦

Virtual visit.PNG
Virtual visit between grandmother Beth Abustan, pictured on the left, and her granddaughter Raegan, pictured on the right with a doll, via Facebook Messenger video

Venturing out.jpg
Mary Tewarson, Vice President of the Essex Lions Club, pictured in a car wearing a mask, excited to go for a ride after being housebound for 2 months due to pandemic stay-at-home orders
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