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Motivational Poster 5 Corners.jpg
Handmade poster taped to light pole next to crosswalk button at Five Corners in Essex Junction that reads: "When humans work together magic happens!" with hearts

Teddy Bear in the Window.jpg
Someone started a game after we all got quarantined, when the schools shut down, and asked people to put teddy bears in their windows for passing children to spot, like a scavenger hunt.
This is one example of a teddy bear in someone's window in a…

Hope poem by Dickinson.jpg
Banner with excerpt from poem about hope by Emily Dickinson on someone's lawn in Essex Junction that says: " hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all"

World strong driveway art.jpg
driveway art on Rivendell Drive in Essex Junction featuring a picture of a globe and the message: "WORLD STRONG"

Stay strong sidewalk art.jpg
sidewalk art with the bold and colorful messages: 'YOU CAN DO IT' and 'STAY STRONG' on Maple Street in Essex Junction
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