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New rules at the grocery store.jpg
People waiting to check out at Hannaford grocery store with signs telling them where to wait, encouraging them to practice social distancing and announcing hours for seniors and people with compromised immune systems.

Guidance from the Space Monitor.jpg
An employee at Hannford grocery store wearing a bright yellow vest that reads: "please maintain a 6 foot distance from others" tells people to stand on the red floor dots that read: "please wait here practice social distancing" until a space opens…

No luck in the toilet paper aisle.jpg
Empty shelves in toilet paper aisle at Hannaford grocery store

Waiting in Line.jpg
Customers waiting in line to check out at grocery store, a cloth mask can be seen on one of them

Crouching for Snacks.jpg
Customer squatting in snack aisle of Hannaford grocery store, holding phone, rendered incognito by a hood and mask

Imperial Soldier.jpg
child wearing Star Wars Imperial storm trooper mask as facial covering while shopping at Hannaford grocery store

Checkout at Grocery Store, Masks and Shields.jpg
Customers and employees of grocery store at checkout counters wearing masks and facial shields

Hannaford follow the path.jpg
Signs directing people where to go and where to stand at Hannaford supermarket in Essex Junction

Hannaford limits.jpg
Daily limits on amounts of certain items people can purchase at Hannaford supermarket in Essex Junction to prevent hoarding. Flour is limited to 1 per person. Eggs, baby wipes, aloe, rubbing alcohol, liquid handsoap, pain relievers, cough & cold,…

Hannaford limit of 2.jpg
A sign at Hannaford supermarket in Essex Junction near the fluff and peanut butter that indicates that "There is a daily purchaser limit on this item of 2 per customer"
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