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good book and toddy.jpg
pile of books and a mug with alcohol being poured into it

Little free library food shelf.jpg
Little free library with food items as well as books for those in need, including: peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, cans of soup and beans, etc. There is a note attached to the door that says: "We hope you are well. If you need something, please…

Returned books in quarantine in Brownell KCR.jpg
Returned books being held in quarantine in Brownell Library's Kolvoord Room for at least 3 days in order to mitigate the spread of the virus

First Day Curbside Brownell Main Desk Holds.jpg
At the main desk at Brownell Library, employee Viktorija Blanchard, wearing mask and gloves, checks out books on hold for patrons to be picked up in the back entrance vestibule

First Day Curbside Brownell Main Desk Bagged Checkouts.jpg
Masked Brownell library employee Viktorija Blanchard bags checked out items at main desk to be delivered to back entrance vestibule for curbside pickup

First day curbside pulling youth items.jpg
Masked and gloved Brownell library employee Erna Deutsch pulling items on hold for patrons to be checked out to them, bagged and placed in back entrance vestibule for pickup. Youth side bagging station visible in front of youth computers.

Fist Day Curbside Masked Employees.jpg
Masked and gloved Brownell employees Erna, Sarah and Viki working to prepare holds for curbside pickup at Brownell Library. Erna is shown taking an order via phone, Sarah is confirming holds via the computer and Viki is dropping a book off in one of…

Brownell Library Masked Employee Youth Side.jpg
Masked Brownell employee Tracey Durgan on the youth side checking a book out to a patron for curbside pickup

book drop 6 ft.jpg
Brownell library book drop unlocked and covered in signs that say: "BOOK RETURN OPEN FOR LIBRARY MATERIAL ONLY (NO DONATIONS)" and "PLEASE OBSERVE 6 FEET OF SOCIAL DISTANCING AROUND OUR BOOK RETURN" with orange traffic cones indicating 6 feet of…
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